Crisalide Records

Our Team

Maribel Lopera Sierra

Crisalide Records Director - Maribel Lopera Sierra

Professional dancer in Colombia until graduating as an MD and initiating a successful international career in Nuclear Medicine first in clinics and then in the Industry. After a rewarding clinical research and biotech adventure, she started to invest into music, films and art. Maribel has also been the general consul of Colombia in Milan for a few years. Maribel adores Italian Renaissance and is fond of Colombian arepas with butter.

Christine Herin

Crisalide Records Director - Christine Herin

Renowned Italian/Francophone songwriter, versatile musician skilled on multiple instruments and composer, Christine works both in Europe and in the US. She performed in Italy, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and New York and is currently collaborating with several international artists. In the last years Christine also worked as Artistic Director and Producer. Last but not least, she is madly in love with her dog Vanda which she takes with her whenever possible.

Andrea Prencipe

Crisalide Records Director - Andrea Prencipe

Andrea Prencipe: Andrea has more than 15 years of financial services experience with a special focus in setting up new business for Italian and international institutions. He is board member of several UCITS Sicav. He holds a master degree in Economics from Bocconi University in Milan. Every time he has a chance, Andrea makes escape plans for skiing weekends.

Chiara Soldatini

Crisalide Records Creative Officer - Chiara Soldatini

After a ten years professional freelance photographer career, in 2009 Chiara pursued a masters and specialized in communication and advertising. She worked as a copywriter for several advertising companies and as a social media manager for luxury traveling agencies. Between 2013 and 2014 she took a sabbatical year and made a round the world trip. No need to say she loooves travelling.